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The North Gate Jazz Cooperation is a jazz project, which wants to provide jazz musicians, beginners, professionals and lovers a platform to live and develop their passion and skills. The location for our get-together is the North Gate Jazz bar in Chiang Mai/Thailand. It wants to create a space for all you jazz musicians where you can make creative and innovative music together with others. Additionally, this website wants to inform on upcoming and past events as well as jazz related info. Furthermore, it shall give anyone interested the possibility to post information on anything related to jazz, that you find interesting through the comment function. You can exchange experiences opinions and news through the comment function or send us an email to info@northgate.ippimail.com. We are happy to welcome you on our website and hope you enjoy the jazz! Your North Gate team

The North Gate

The North Gate
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Monday, 16 July 2007

Jazz Jamming @ the North Gate

Every Tuesday the North Gate is open to anybody who wants to take part in our jam session. No matter if you are on vocals, keyboard, guitar, saxophone, base, flute, drums, percussion... you are welcome to use our instruments or bring your own and make music with others. The more participate, the better!